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Glossary of Terms

for Shipping Cases and Carrying Cases

ABS - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene. A styrene plastic material used as an outer laminate for shipping cases.
Anodize - A finishing process used on aluminum. This process includes "brushing" to give an aesthetically-pleasing finish.
Anti-Static Foam - Specially treated Polyethylene foam that is resistant to the effects of static electricity. Used with circuit boards.
ATA - Air Transport Association of America. The ATA sets standards for commercial airline shipping cases and Cases. Many Canyonwest Cases are ATA certified.
Blow Mold – Low cost lightweight cases. A polymer is extruded through a die, then pinched off by a mold. The part is formed by air being injected into the cavity, forcing the polymer to contour to the cavity walls.
Caster - Another term for wheel.
Cordura® - High-tenacity nylon made by DuPont, used in many soft-sided carrying cases.
Cubed Foam – Also known as “Pick-N-Pluck” and "diced" foam. Polyester foam that has been cut into 1" cubes with corners still attached. Provides the ability to "pluck" cubes to achieve the desired shape. No cutting of the foam is necessary.
Cross Linked Foam - Closed cell, smoother and softer surface feel than polyethylene. Applications include protective padding, medical devices, packaging and gaskets. Available with Anti-static or Conductive additive. Colors: Charcoal, White, and Blue.
Density - The relative compactness of the form cell structure. The higher the density the more weight it can support. Density is measured in pounds. Canyonwest Cases designs and incorporates the proper foam density when customizing foam interiors.
ELE Foam (Ether-Like-Ester) - This is an open cell polyurethane foam that has the look and feel of polyester foam. Available in 1.6# and 1.85# densities. Good cushioning and packaging properties. Good hydrolytic stability. Colors: Charcoal and Blue.
EPS Foam - Expanded Polystyrene, rigid closed cell foam with the lowest cost for packaging. Used as a showcase package due to the sales appeal of its natural white color.
Ester Foam - Open cell, flexible Polyurethane foam generally used for packaging, acoustics and gasketing applications. Available in fire retardant properties to meet  UL-94-HF-1 specifications. Also meets MIL P 26514, type 1, class 2 specification. Colors: Charcoal and Blue.
Extruded Aluminum - A part created by pushing heated aluminum through an opening in a die.
Fabricated: Canyonwest fabricated cases are made to order. The basic ATA case is a plywood base with an ABS laminate to seal the exterior, or a lighter weight plastic material that is 20-30% lighter than the plywood base. Extruded aluminum angle is used for joining the top, bottom and side walls to one another. Corners are made of steel.
Girth - With regards to a 6-sided case, the sum total of the shortest dimension x 2, plus the next to the shortest dimensions x 2, plus the longest dimension. Girth is used to determine size freight-ability.
Hardware - Latches, locks, hinges, handles, etc., used in cases.
Hasp - Small metal structure on the outside of a case that allows for a padlock to be attached. Also known as padlock loop.
I.D. - Inside Dimension of a case.
Injection Molding - Manufacturing process where plastic is forced into a mold cavity under pressure.
Latch - Mechanism used to secure the lid and body of a case. Common types are "flip" and ¼-turn military-style latches. Flip latches are easier to use but are not as durable as ¼-turn latches. ¼-turn latches should be used for shipping applications and when checking items with airlines.
L x W x H - Abbreviation for Length, Width and Height.
Lid - The upper portion of the case.
Lid-Stay - Hinged metal device that connects between the lid and body of the case. The stay prevents the lid from extending further than 90 degrees.
Military-Style Latches - Also known as ¼ turn latches.
O.D. - Outside Dimensions
"O" Ring - Inserted in valance for an improved seal.
Pallet (Tool pallet) - A flat panel with a series of pockets that hold tools. Pallets are installed in hard and soft-sided tool cases.
Polyethylene Foam - Rigid, high-density foam. Closed cell structure resists water pickup and moisture transmission. Resistant to attack from solvents, oils, greases, and common chemicals. Meets Federal spec.  PPP-C-1752. Available with Anti-static additive. Colors: Charcoal, White, Blue, Green and Pink.
Polyurethane Foam - Less rigid than polyethylene foam.
Powder Coat - An epoxy based finish that is applied electrostatically and then baked to cure the finish. Powder coat is scratch-resistant and protects the materials from corrosion.
Rackmount – Specially designed cases that allow for the mounting of electronic equipment. Simply remove the case lids and plug in the equipment. For added protection, Shockmount cases use shock absorbers to protect equipment during shipping and transport. Standard width is EIA 19”.
Rotational (Roto) Molding - A process utilizing plastic powder in a spinning mold cavity to produce a part by heating and cooling. The Benefits of Rotational Molding include one-piece multi-wall construction, captured threaded inserts, thick-walled outside corners and relatively stress-free parts.
Spring Loaded Handle - Also known as military style handle. A spring mechanism retracts the handle - flush with the case - when not in use.
Tongue-and-Groove - A generic term for the male and female valance extrusion.
Vacuum Formed - Case is shaped by heating a material against a vacuum mold or form.
Valance - Aluminum frame that is attached to the lid and body of the case. When the lid is closed, the tongue-and-groove design secures the case closure.