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October 2017
New 3i-5616-9 Waterproof Shipping Case

December 2016
New 3RR Removable Shock Rack Cases

October 2016
New 3i-2914-15 Waterproof Shipping Case

July 2016
New "i" Seris Waterproof Shipping Case

May 2016
New "3RS" Series Shock Rack Cases 30 Inches Deep

March 2016
New "3RS" Series Shock Rack Cases 24 Inches Deep

December 2015
New "i" Series Waterproof Case

October 2015
New "R" Series Shipping Case Provides Maximum Protection

August 2015
New Waterproof Case Stands Up to "Tuff" Military Use

June 2015
New Removable Shock Rack Case

May 2015
New iSeries Waterproof Utility Case w/ Wheels

January 2015
New SKB Waterproof Case Protects Sensitive Equipment

November 2014
New iSeries 3R3517-14 Case with Wheels

September 2014
New iSeries 3i-2424-14 Case with Wheels

July 2014
New iSeries 3i-3026-15 Case with Wheels

April 2014
New iSeries 3i-3021-18 Case with Wheels

February 2014
New Tripod Case with Wheels

January 2014
New Waterproof Case with Wheels

November 2013
New Electric Lift TV Cases

August 2013
Boldly Roll - New All-Terrain Mobility Cases

July 2013
New Utility Case with Wheels

June 2013
New SKB Waterproof Case with Wheels

February 2013
Tuff Cases for Tuff Customers

July 2012
How 'Bout a Lift? (New TV Lift Case)

July 2012
Take your Flat-Screen TV with you!

April 2012
Aritcle: Portable Shiock And Vibration Protection

April 2012
New SKB Waterproof Case with Wheels

November, 2011
New SKB Removable Shock Rack Cases

September 2011
New Flat Screen TV Shipping Case

August 2011
New Indestructible Case

July 2011
Canyonwest Cases Offers New SKB 3i Series Cases

April 2011
Canyonwest Cases Expands Selection of Waterproof Cases

August 2010
Pelican Storm Cases and Pelican Hardigg Cases

June, 2010
Canyonwest Cases offers Custom Foam interiors for Carrying Cases and Shipping Cases

September 2009
Canyonwest Cases "Rolls Out" Emergency Lighting

July 2009
Canyonwest Cases Expands Its Selection of Quality Cases

March 2009
Canyonwest Cases is Rackin "Em Up! - with SKB's New Shock-Racks

January 2009
Canyonwest Cases Protects Valuable Equipment

November 2008
Canyonwest Cases Expands its Wheeled Case Selection with SKB's New 20" Racks